Square Enix Luminous Productions helped lose $33 Million

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From Game Industry.biz

Japanese publisher Square Enix has reported an extraordinary loss in its latest fiscal report, attributed to a change in strategy at a key subsidiary.

The firm announced Luminous Productions - the new studio opened earlier this year with some of the Final Fantasy XV team at the helm - will now concentrate on "large-scale, high-quality AAA game titles, which best leverage [Luminous'] strengths."

This decision has caused a loss of ¥3.73 billion ($33 million), which has dealt a blow to Square Enix's financial results for the six months ended September 30th.

It's not overly clear what has actually changed at Luminous Productions, since the original announcement said the studio would be "development new AAA titles and bringing innovative game and other entertainment content to a global audience".

It's likely plans for "other entertainment content" - which we surmised to translate as transmedia products like Final Fantasy XV's full-length prequel movie - have been dropped, instead focusing specifically on games.


Makes you kind of wonder, what new expensive IP are they making? Maybe Final Fantasy XVI that won't come out until 2025?

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Wow, not even Octopath Traveler helped. This why big publishers should never do exclusive deals, keeping it away from many potential buyers.

Hopefully this meant xbox or switch will get KH collection. FF collection announcements on switch/xbox probably in relation to this too.

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And they recently launched the quiet man.

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@adsparky said:

And they recently launched the quiet man.

True that! 2/10, I'll be surprise if it gets a cult following like "The Room"

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Dam, I was waiting for the DLC packs before starting the game.

That sucks.

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In other words, all the money that Square Enix made during those six months from games like Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest XI, FFXV New Empire and Shadow of the Tomb Raider (and, uh, Quiet Man) works out to be less than the amount of money they've invested in Luminous Productions...

What could be so expensive? A new Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts? Completely new IPs? Or might it have something to do with the Marvel Avengers Project?

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@Jag85: That's what I'm questioning too! Apparently, the rumor for Tabata leaving the company is due to SE's current practices as well as their plans to make a subscription-base MMO-like model to their titles, but at least left in good terms.

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Square e nix will be fine i bought a bunch of crap from them recently they are doing fine

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New Chrono game!!! 😁

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Tabata also out from Square

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sucks for them. guess having all that sony exclusivity didnt work out for them. They need to start putting all their big games everywhere.

although everyone says they are all shit now lol. so they are screwed anyway.

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Exclusive deals suck ...How about a Final Fantasy game we can play everywhere , with everyone ?

Final Fantasy Immortal

Bring it on SE!

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I guess this means the chances of seeing the FFVII remake have gone from slim to none.

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@boycie said:

I guess this means the chances of seeing the FFVII remake have gone from slim to none.

Just XV dlc down the shitter.

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Damn, this is sad. Square Enix has fallen so hard, it's sad to see my least favorite series go down like this. I be shock if FF7 Remastered be part of the problem.

Between Director Hajime Tabata & Square Enix lost $33 Million, it's really a shame on both accounts. As much as few people hate it, it was the first single player Final Fantasy game on PC that I liked since FFIX & Lighting Returns. And based on everything I've read on it's development, it feels like a wonder at all that it managed to come out at all. Between Square's obsession with creating their own proprietary engine, they just ended up trashing since it barely worked and Nomura being unfocused as fucked! It feels like Tabata took a hit for other people's fucks up. And I was actually looking forward to the DLC in that regard :(

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Squenix higher ups...lol...they'll go bust sooner rather than later. :P

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R&D is expensive fellas... yet everyone be begging for new engines constantly.

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@davillain-: I wonder, if the can license their Luminous Engine to other 3rd parties and see if they can make some returns?

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@KBFloYd: lol what Sony exclusivity?

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Well that’s disappointing to hear. I was looking forward to that Final Fantasy XV dlc. At least the Ardyn dlc is still coming out. I am quite interested in seeing what this new game they are working on will be.