Someone got an early copy of PUBG for PS4. Release in December?

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Maybe little too late? Imagine if this come to PS+ offer next month. Would be hilarious

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I say give it a try folks. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

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EW! Good luck, PS4 owners. Now the infection is spreading.

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PUBG is so 2 years ago. Only gamers playing it are Lems, and that's because they have no good games to play :(

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Ugh, get ready for the game’s media to bring up crossplay as an issue while it was never a concern for actual gamers prior.

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Maybe they'll have some of the horrendous bugs worked out by now.

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Wouldn't surprise me, would be funny if they outsource porting to a more capable developer like they did with the mobile version.

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The Xbox version is really good now.

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Hard pass

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Isn't the game still a steaming pile of shit on consoles though?

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Another game that ps4 gamers hated on but will love now.

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As an FYI to any Xbox owners...if you don't have the game and want to give it a try, MSFT is giving it away for free on the store for a limited time. I've never played it as I am not a fan of those types of games but did grab it for my son last night so he can try it out.