Besides games, do you have any other game related merchandise?

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I like to buy art books and encyclopedias like the new Mario 30th anniversary that just came out. I also have a Nintendo New York shirt and an MGS V figure. What about you, SW? Do you have any gaming related merchandise beside the game itself?

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Nope. I probably would if I had more money though.

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I have a Halo megablox kit. That's it for games unless my Legend of Zelda tattoo counts lol. Plenty of Doctor Who merch though, got a Sonic Screwdriver then a whole 11th Doctor outfit plus an old Marvel DW comic from the 80's.

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Yeah, I have some stuff. I have three art/encyclopedia books on Sonic, Zelda, and Okami; 4 t-shirts for Streets of Rage, Sonic Mania, Yakuza 6, and Persona 5; a couple of figures, including a Bandai Tamashii Nations Black Armor Zero and TruForce Collectibles Designer Megaman X; and definitely the most unique thing I have is a Sonic the Hedgehog toaster that literally burns his face onto your toast, lol.

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i have Mega Man, Sonic, Cuphead etc Funko pops

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VG merchandise, nah

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Wanna see my collection of Gears of War/ God of War/ Donkey Kong stuff ?

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I do have a few Final Fantasy soundtracks as well as the Octopath soundtrack but thats about it. I have a collection of old 90s big box pc games that have lots of goodies in them though.

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Couple of posters from china with separately bought frames to protect them.

Want these but it's abit on the expensive side, probably just hire a print company instead.

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I do. I have six T-shirts. Two of Assassin Creed, two of Mario, one of Zelda, and one of Sreet Fighter. I also have a poster of Mai Shiranui that I got with my copy of KOF 13 Some soundtracks like Tales of Xillia, Persona 4, Hakuoki and others. The character book of Tales of Xillia . And I also have three plushies of Pokemon- Charizard X, Alola Vulpix, and Umbreon. If that's count, I have the all volumes of the manga of Tales of Zesteria, and Senran Kagura (but that's goes to my manga collection)

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I have several consoles.

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A bunch of strategy guides and art books, some t-shirts, posters, and a few amiibos.

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Some, yes. I bought a few metal posters from Displate, a couple of OW statues (Tracer, Reaper, Genji, Widow) and a modest set of Funko Pops (around 20-30 from various games).

I bought a couple months worth of lootcrates but cancelled because none of them were any good.

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Yeah, I've got some nerdstuff. Some clothes, some posters, two amiibos, a Zelda encyclopedia book, a Zelda themed doormat to my apartment saying you need the boss key, among other small things.

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@uninspiredcup: I have not played those games (for shame), but those posters are awesome.

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@Litchie: Old ass games. Sega basically underused any IP that isn't Sonic, so no surprise. Phantasy Star itself was more of a Japanese game, back when JRPG's weren't big in the West.

Save £200-£300. Just find a high resolution version, pay £10 to print company, get cheap £10 frame on Ebay. Sorted.

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Comic Books


Trading Cards

Stuffed Animal Characters

Action Figures/Toys

And whatever category the Robotic Arm from MGSV falls under.

I used to have much more but I am downsizing and selling all my stuff.

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@uninspiredcup: yeah those are epic

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I bought a lot of CEs so I have a lot if figurines, art books, OSTs, mouse mats, pictures, plushies and other stuff that came with it. Then I boguht a lot of figurines. I have a big Skylanders, Amiibo, Disney Infinity and lego Dimensions collection. I have 100s of gaming related things that aren't games

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I used to collect old review/gaming magazines from around 82/83 onwards. My mother binned the lot when I moved overseas, so that was the end of that. Shame as they would be pretty interesting for a geek out read these days.

I wouldn't mind starting a collection of bad C64 art - a collection would be worthy of its own subsection at the Museum of Bad Art.

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No way, I dont like clutter.

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No. But I do build and customize Gundam models. I don't even watch the animes. I just like giant robots.