What's your Fav Console?

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#1 Posted by haimesy1 (67 posts) -

Mine is the PS2 absolutely love the PS2 especially playing the Simpsons hit and run on it, I do own a PS4 and I think that is great too there is a slim margin between the PS2 and PS4!

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#2 Posted by Johnny_Rock (40211 posts) -

PS3. Loved the library of games it had. Plus it runs my PS1 games so I don't need ANOTHER console hooked up to the tv.

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#3 Posted by robert_sparkes (1757 posts) -

PS1 has to be my fav I flip flop between that and mega drive.

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#4 Posted by TheDarkWolf86 (578 posts) -

PS2 due to my obsession with SOCOM II and Ace Combat 5.

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#5 Posted by Rexx23ify (6 posts) -

Definetley the PS2. Got it when I was 5 and played the crap out of it. Always liked finding the hidden gems of the console.

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#6 Posted by CTR360 (8618 posts) -

ps4 for me

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#7 Posted by blamix (715 posts) -

I love every console i owned except the one that got RROD last gen

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#8 Posted by xantufrog (10093 posts) -

Probably the PS4 at this point. Honestly, the PS3 has an awful controller, sluggish interface, and a lot of its best games have migrated to PS4. I mainly use my PS3 to play PS1 games at this point. My second choice would be PS2 - still have mine, even if I rarely use it now. LOVED that thing to death

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#9 Posted by Longsnout (140 posts) -

Either PS2 (fantastic library) or PS3 (largely because it plays a lot of HD releases of PS2 games).

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#10 Posted by robert_sparkes (1757 posts) -

PS1 based on what a huge upgrade it was from the mega drive SNES era.

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#11 Posted by Pearseb96 (7 posts) -

Ps2 will always be my favorite. First things that pop into my head are playing gta 3 and listening to the theme song (think it was called all by myself, but I’m not sure lol) for gran turismo !!

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#12 Posted by SpecsMarley (4 posts) -

@haimesy1: ps2 Xbox 360 ps4

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Oddly enough for me its my Vita and my PS1 that I get the most love from. I will always love my ps1 and partly the PS3 because it can play my PS1 games (but I don't count it as one of my fave because I really didn't like the PS3 games aspect of my ps3) and I just love how portable and down right fun my Vita is ( I mostly have PS1 games on it too lol )

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#14 Posted by sukraj (27808 posts) -

ps2 and ps4

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#15 Edited by BangYaaDead (3 posts) -

Ps2 definetly

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I will always remember fondly my Wii...too bad third-party support was awful :(


That's why I bought a PS4 :D