Red dead redemption 2

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Hello everyone Im looking to preorder Red dead redemption 2 but I don’t know which edition Is worth it?

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Get all of them.

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I'm curious too. I would like the additional missions in the special edition but I don't like all the buffs and stat boosts. I don't like these boost bonuses to make a game easier.

I wish they would stop including boost stats etc for preordering, instead stick to cosmetic items or extra missions.

Did that with Spiderman which included bonus skill points, now I have an abundance of unrequired skill points near the end of the game. It made the game easier.

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I don't really see the content in any of the special editions adding up to be worth the Extra $20 or so. If I were pre-ordering I wouldn't spend more than the standard $60.

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I actually bought the ultimate edition I hope that gonna be worth it because that shit hurt my wallet :)

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i'm getting the standard edition

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@sukraj said:

i'm getting the standard edition

Yup. The base game should be more than enough.