Playstation 3 worth

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Hello, I just wanted to ask is someone knows but much this PS3 would be worth:

PS3 500GB with:
Call of duty Ghost
Call of duty Black Ops
Call of duty Modern Warfare 3
NBA 2k14
Skate 3
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

I just wanted to know the price because I want to sell it and get the PS4 soon

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100/150$ ish

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@MonsieurX: well that's making me happy because the local shop owner told me about 75$

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I would say about $80-$90 for a trade-in, and if you where to sell it online, I'd agree with what MonsieurX posted. I would not try and sell it at a yard sale however, as there you're only likely to get $70 out if it. If you are lucky.

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At least $100 if u sell online. Probably $70 in a store.

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