New PSN Leaderboard - Updated 8-7-13

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Still holding out hope for a future update. Grats on the new addition @hiryu3.

Plat #28: Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Plat # 29: Magus.

Plat # 30: Lego Harry Potter yrs 5-7.

Plat # 31: Bayonetta.


Level 18 - 52%. 2,882 total trophies.

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Haven't posted here in ages. Just got my 96th Platinum- Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. I'll drop by again once I hit my 100th Plat.

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Almost forgot to post my 100th platinum- Call of Duty: World at War. Got it a week ago along with my 6000th trophy. Man, this topic is dead lol.

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It has been a while. Been busy with my little girl (6 months old). Got a few platinums and still no word on third part trophy syncing. Seems like unless I'm in with Sony then there will be no go on the list coming back.

Walking Dead Season 1 (PS4)
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
Killzone 1
Prototype 2
Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Resident Evil

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Currently working on Lego The Hobbit, Lego Batman 3, Prototype 1 and Shadow of Mordor (PS4)

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Bloodborne plat!

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Barely interested in trophies now. I guess that's what university does to you.

But I still get a smile on my face when one pops up. And dammit, I'm gonna go for that Witcher 3 platinum!

Trophy card below, if it's actually working this time...

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usually i just get whatever trophies are available from completing a main story in a game,on a few occasions ill go for platinum hence the 3 i have.could be up to 7 soon as playing a few telltale games and only require 1 on destiny and borderlands 2 for platinum

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Recent Platinums
Shadow of Mordor
The Order 1886

The Lego Hobbit is draining my soul. All these quests are way too much

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Lego Hobbit finally done. Working on my last play-though on chicken before my survivor run on Zombi

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Rocket League plat in the bag

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Haven't gotten many plats lately, too dang busy bruh.

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Plat 157: Uncharted 3
Plat 156:Uncharted 2
Plat 155:Uncharted 1

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Plat 158: Resident Evil 0

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Wow, haven't posted here in almost a year. Still piling up the plats as I'm at 124 now. Hopefully Tearaway Unfolded will be 125 soon. Can't be assed to update my trophy card on here, especially when it was when I had 6000 trophies and 100 plats.

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Its really a blast! Good job hiryu. Nice work though.

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I'm surprised this is still here. I find it both interesting and sad. Sad because there hasn't been an update in almost 4 years and no one even comments here anymore. On the other hand it's interesting to see how much I've progressed since then and I wonder how high I would be on the leaderboards compared to everyone else on there right now.

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@SoNin360: With all the changes to the original sites I use to use to get everyone's trophy information and the introduction of my soon to be 3 year old, I rarely even get a chance to game as much or even go to gaming sites anymore.

Platinum 171 The Walking Dead: New Frontier

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@hiryu3: Oh, I don't blame you. I'm just surprised this topic is still stickied. To me it's just a general reminder of how dead the Forums have become over the years.

Also finished A New Frontier recently for Plat #157. Steins;Gate 0 was plat #158.

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Platinum #174 Horizon Zero Dawn

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Thank you sir

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I got an invite to a study on gaming. I thought it was BS at first but I looked up the company and they we're totally legit. I did an online video chat for like an hour and they sent me a $150 cash check. They have studies on a variety of topics from gaming to pets. no gimmicks or strings attached. Sign Up.. it's easy money

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How do i get on the leaderboard

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@hiryu3Thanks for informing us:

  1. canana | 11782
  2. Nknight87 | 10764
  3. cooldust | 8082
  4. hiryu3 | 7749
  5. yazter | 7588
  6. SolidTy | 7016
  7. Chaos_Bladez | 6812
  8. legionofdugi | 6576
  9. AJC3317 | 5923
  10. SoopaKilla | 5818
  11. slaves | 5712
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This is so old.

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@hiryu3: .