Is All Hope For Brand New Authentic PS3 Controllers Lost?

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Amazon, eBay, Walmart, all sell counterfeit PS3 controllers. I was mostly surprised that Amazon was selling them for full price. Saw current unboxing reviews and some of those customers are not even aware that the controllers are counterfeit. The packaging and the controllers themselves look extremely close to the original DS3 controllers now that it is scary. I had to take a look of my DS3 controller, even though I bought it from Best Buy about 7 years ago! I really wanted to buy a new DS3 to go with a new HDD that I'll be putting into my old 320gb PS3 Slim but, it looks like the chances of me actually finding an authentic controller are super slim (lol). Have you guys had any luck finding new authentic controllers?

Here are some links to help you guys find out if your controllers are authentic or not if you've bought one online recently!

This one focuses more on the packaging. His actually had a typo on the box but, they've fixed the typo since then. I have seen the same packaging with no typos. They're getting good! (

This one compares the controllers side by side using images. Sorry for the dubstep. (

Here is an actual side by side demonstration on how to find out which one is fake. (