HUE Lighting For Video Games

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I just recently installed HUE Lighting in my house. I really like it. About this time I started playing Killzone: Shadowfall.

I guess it looks kind of cool, however, I felt like the colour bar on the controller reflecting your health (green for full, yellow for half, and red for near death) felt kind of pointless.

You really shouldn't be looking at your pad if you're low on health. Then I thought wouldn't it be cool if the HUE lighting in your room reflected your health?

I think it would add a bit of intensity if you were in a gun battle and your entire room plunged into a deep red indicating you're about to die and then of course when your health restores the lights could go from yellow then to green.

It would also be outright useful as you wouldn't have to look away to know what your health is or have the screen go an annoying red, splattered or black and white as a lot of games do.