Have you owned two (or more) PS2:s? Which one of them was more silent?

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Please add your comments. Then I try to rank the PS2:s and find the best models.

(with least annoying sound)

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I loved my OG PS2, and had a 2nd version of it after girlfriend put curling iron on my PS2 (note don't put mirrors near consoles).

I now have the Slim, which I bought when still sold new at Game Stop, and as much as I enjoy it, the original is so nostalgic, but chances are slim editions run better than original, you know, cause redesign.

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@saltslasher: I have a fat PS2 30000-series and a slim 77000 series. The slim ps2 is definately more silent, and the sound is more pleasant. I also owned a 90000 model but it was actually more annoying than the older 77000, the noise was more high-pitch. I have heard that the 50000 series fat models are really silent (the most silent?), but I don't know if this is true.

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I went through like 3-4 fat PS2s as they all had disk read errors.

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i have the Original PS2 which i bought used in (2009) which is when i got into playstation i was mainly into Nintendo until than. i bought it cause Ghostbusters came out on it back than and i love the Original and man does it make me sick to my stomach to fucking have to say that cause of that shitty remake. anyways i don't remember how it runs cause it's been a couple years since i last played it but i never really thought about it to be honest. now i'm into xbox as well as i enjoy all of the gaming companies and not just one. cause i think they are all put out great stuff

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I had the original ps2 until it got pulled off the entertainment center when little sister ran through the living room and tripped over the controller wire. Then I had like 3 of the slims. They were pieces of crap and all broke within 6 months of having them. For some reason they were pushed heavily in my area and you couldn't find the original without paying triple the price.

As for the the sound I don't remember any of them being particularly loud. The PS4 is much louder, especially with some games.

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honestly i don't really pay attention to the sound when my PS4 is on which i have the Original, at work cause i work in a workshop they have the slim PS4 and what's really funny is that one fucks up and you have to reboot the damn thing but mine is all good as that doesn't happen to mine. odd isn't it?