Do you guys usually play the free games with ps plus?

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I have a friend who doesn't even bother adding the games to his library. Right now I'm playing Mad Max which was offered from the past but it's getting boring after all that driving. But I usually download a game, play for 5 mins and then delete it, but I think I'll download them again in the future.

What games have you beaten that was offered for free from having a ps plus membership?

*Edit: Sorry for asking just the "guys" of the forums but I'm asking everyone. Gals too. Sadly I can't change the topic title*

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I platinum MGSV, Until Dawn, telltale batman, tales from borderland and life is strange. Finished more like ratchet and clank, just cause 3, darksiders 2 and infamous to name a few. Never bothered with the indies though.

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@sakaixx: Thanks for the answer. I never bother with indies too. I just want more AAA games. I've been hoping for games like The Last Guardian, and Tomb Raider to be free.

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I try them all for 15 mins, if I like it, I continue, if I don't, I stop.

Give me more indies, AAA sucks.

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Always. Love the multiplats they offer.

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Definitely. If it wasn't for the free games I would not be paying for PS+ because I rarely play online unless it's Freedom Wars or Monster Hunter World. Between PS3, PS4, and PS Vita I get 6 games a month and I play and beat a lot of them. Life is Strange, Ratchet & Clank, and Tearaway Unfolded were all pleasant surprises that I probably wouldnt've bought on my own. I also enjoyed Abzu, Spy Chameleon, Downwell, ElementXl, and Uncanny Valley

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I've tried a few, but usually they just look terrible.

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When they interest me enough, I'll play them. I'll "claim" them if I think there's a vague chance that I'll play them some day. In fact, I'm planning on playing Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls soon. Wasn't sure if I wanted to replay those game since I already played them on the PS3, but I recently have felt compelled to so I'm glad I grabbed them.

Unfortunately, more months tend to be busts for me anymore especially when they're giving out games that I already have. When my PS+ expires, I usually go at least a few months without it until I see something I feel is worth playing or if I absolutely feel like I need to play something online.

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I mainly do it on PS3 freebies only because they focus on actual games then indie games and PS4 offering are a hit or a miss.

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I usually claim every game to my library but I only download the game if it's a game that I've been interested in previously but still held back on to buy

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Hue was dope af too. I was surprised because I'd never heard of it before

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I tend to spend more time playing the indie games than I do the big name ones. But yes, I do play them.

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what are the free games

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@ewgwolverine: If you have Playstation Plus which is the online subscription to play games online, every month Sony gives away 6 games across the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Playstation Vita systems for free. Two on each console. This month they have Heavy Rain and Absolver for free on Playstation 4. I hope I answered your question.

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Depends on the game. I've finished quite a few of the ones I was interested in.

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I play them if they are any good, otherwise I don't bother

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I put them in my queue, I dont play all of them but I do play them. Last one I played and beat was Darksiders 2, next one will probably be Mad Max.

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I always add the games to my library but most of the time I dont play them. Usually the good games they have I already have or have played.

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I found quite a few gems I wouldn’t have otherwise cared about, had I had to purchase it. Tropico 5 for starters was great. Valiant hearts was another.

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I don't even have "official" PlayStation plus so i can't even download them.

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PS Plus does have its gems. Gotten MGSV, Until Dawn, Gone Home and Beyond Two Souls. It also allows me to satiate my curiosity with games like Mighty No 9, which is a game I originally wouldn't buy, due to the fact that it looked awful.

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@mariokarthero97: Is it any good? I booted it up the other day and turned it off before I even started playing then played Rayman Legends instead. Is it just a Megaman wannabe or a legitimately good game?

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I love the PSN exclusives! I recently got Ray Man, which really gave me that feeling of nostalgia :) another game I got with gold was Tropico 5. It's one of those games where you control the outcome of a civilization. Totally worth it, and great if you need to kill an hour or two.

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I always add them to my library but rarely play them because either they dont interest me very much or I already own it.

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Original Release: 2011
Original Release: 2011
Flying was a lot of fun!
Flying was a lot of fun!

Battlefield: 1943: To be honest. I cannot actually remember if this game was exclusively on PS Plus, but I do remember it was free. The graphics were actually pretty good for a free game, but the gameplay was extremely fun! There was something about this game though. It literally pulled you in.

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It is good to at least try the games offered with PSplus. But I rarely finish them. However I have bought a few games I've tried on the service. It is almost like a glorified game demo service. But one that eats Hard drive space quickly. For what it is it offers a way to try games that you won't ordinary discover.

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@sakaixx: They gave away Batman Telltale?! I must have missed it :(

No i only buy games I'm interested in atm. If i drop it its hard for me to pick it back up. So even if the free games are great, i have touched a single one yet for over a year

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not really,but this month for example could be interesting

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I also got Mad Max when it was free and I actually really liked it! Still haven't finished it though. If the free game sounds interesting, I will always add it to my library.

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Hell yes. Dead by Daylight is my current addiction, play it everyday.