What's your best PC gaming memories?

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What PC gaming memories stick out to you in the back of your mind that gives you that nice nostalgia feeling? here's my list.

  • Getting into PC gaming back in 2005 from the game Medal of Honor Allied Assault and playing the MP and eventually joining a clan.
  • Playing F.E.A.R. in the Winter of 2006 although I bought it on release day in 05 I never finished it for whatever reason. When I started a new game that Winter it instantly became my favorite FPS of all time and still is today.
  • Playing Battlefield 2 with my old clan in the summer of 06 and 2007.
  • Receiving my Oculus Rift in 2016 and having my mind blown.
  • GTAV finally comes to PC in April of 2015.
  • Playing Max Payne 2 on PC and seeing how it's miles better then the PS2 version.
  • Discovering MAME and playing Mortal Kombat 2.
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  1. Playing the original Age of Empires with friends
  2. First time playing the Battlefield 1942 wake island demo (blew my mind)
  3. Company of Heroes 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches. I'm not a big 1v1 player, but playing this with other people is so much fun. It's a proper team game.
  4. Mods. Just mods in general make PC 200% more fun.
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  • Playing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone at Christmas, first time I had a proper game on PC as a kid and completed it.
  • Deliberately killing Sims in various different way with my sister.
  • Playing Hitman Contracts, my first proper adult game as a child.
  • Playing Rollercoaster Tycoon with my sister.
  • Playing the Acclaim Batman game on PC, and not being able to get it to run in DOS, or work out the controls.
  • Multiplayer Worms games with my mates.
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The day skyrim was released.

The first weekend after playing skyrim, my mind was blown.

Sailing in witcher 3 with Fields of Skelling playing.

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Playing Fallout 3: that music, the humor in the game, the immersion.

F.E.A.R single player and multi.: both were impressive

the witcher 3, the evil within, xcom 1 & 2,

Deus ex: the original - that story!!!

Serious sam the second encounter: good escapism

Tomb raider: the angel of darkness: I enjoyed it until I got stuck

Fallout new vegas: old world blues was probably the highlight of the whole game

Plenty of older games from the 90's that I enjoyed and bits and pieces from games that might not have been that great on the whole but had some fun moments.

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Max Payne 1 and 2

C&C Generals

Half Life 2 (getting out of the train station - WOW)

Fallout 3 (entering Megaton - another WOW moment)

Playing Rally Championship 2000 with my dad

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When I was younger, my friends and I would play anything and everything together. RPGs, FPS, RTS we played them all. Made the games a whole lot more fun than playing multiplayer by myself.

Likewise, with another forum I used to frequent, we had arranged a weekly Dawn of War night where a bunch of us would play Dawn of War with each other.

Staying up to 7 in the morning in a marathon game of Battlefield 2 in a LAN with friends.

Winning a local Unreal Tournament... tournament

Learning how to use worldbuilder and other similar mapping tools. I really enjoy making maps :)

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The classic pinball game

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I didnt start playing PC properly until some 2005-06. Few great memories on the platform. I was mainly PS guy before PC, im still a PS guy haha

  • My cousin giving me my first Pentium PC after family moved to Australia so i could play F1 challenge 99-02
  • Experiencing F.E.A.R. and its expansions. One of my all time fave single player fps, constantly on edge
  • Experiencing beauty and frustration with first two Gothic games
  • Driving to Romans apartment at the start of GTA IV. Just felt that grittiness and cold atmosphere straight away
  • First car mod i ever installed into San Andreas, after game crashing first few times haha
  • Getting out of the sewers in TeS Oblivion
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playing wow for the first time haha

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I started PC gaming long before the first item on my list just for the record

  • 2000 Sims - what in the world is this? this is awesome!
  • 2002 Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights playing for hours multiple days and nights (NwN eventually lead me to programming)
  • 2008 Log into the MMO Darkfall and oh my god this is exactly what I felt Morrowind MMO would be like.
  • 2011(ish) Wurm..this game looks horrible, is really slow...but i cant stop playing it wow! crafting and building is amazing
  • 2013 Kerbal Space Program - oh my god this is intense and exciting AND just happens to not be combat related and science related? totally changed my views on what is possible in video games.
  • 2014 loosing my first fort in 7 Days to Die. First time I have ever lost play progress in a destruction and it motivated me more to get it right a second shot.
  • 2015 I cant keep up with all the games coming out now that I want to play, why in the world cant AAA titles be this good at making games.
  • 2017 I had a cold, was home for a week, freezing outside, played Elite Dangerous every day for a week until it felt like it was all real to me.
  • 2018 I had a week off, beautiful cold weather, plenty of time, no 'to dos' and just played My Summer Car for 3 days straight.

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1989: First time I played Amiga Falcon MP via modem 1v1 dogfight against a friend at the other side of town. Smooth gameplay too.

1992 First time I played Dune 2 (my first real RTS).

1993 Shareware Doom IPX LAN multiplayer

1993: A bunch of CD-based games (allowed voice-overs and text) such as Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

1994 1942: Pacific Air War (first texture-mapped flight sim to me), Steel Panthers, DOTT

1997 Quake MP: Went from SVGA Quake at barely 20 fps to GLQuake at 40-50 fps. F-in A!

1997 Dungeon Keeper, Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far

1998 Quake 2, Jane's WW2 Fighters, European Air War, Falcon 4.0

1999 Dungeon Keeper 2, Homeworld

2000 Combat Flight Simulator 2

2003 Homeworld 2

2002 Battlefield 1942 MP and Desert Combat mod.

2005 Battlefield 2 MP.

Yeah, I know. I only play SP games nowadays. But, some of my very best memories were the MP aspect, esp when the concepts were new.

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Boot discs

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For me it was playing Crysis fully modded out. It was then that I knew PC gaming was for me.

After that it was modded Fallout 3, then modded STALKER, and then modded Skyrim. Each game blew me away in it's own right.

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LAN parties.

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I remember my first games as a kid. Tarzan and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Also, Escape from Monkey Island 4, which I couldn't progress because I barely understood English at the time.

My godmother got me Pirates of the Caribbean 2003, one of the first RPGs I ever played and still the best pirate game IMO.

And of course, TES IV: Oblivion and the iconic exit from the sewers.

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When i played GTA for the first time

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When I played mafia 2. Great game

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oh man i have loads. in no particular order (and by no means complete)

seeing the intro to freespace and playing it on the PC. holy crap my tiny teenage mind was blown. the game made one hell of an impression.

getting a PC with a GPU (well a 3D accelerator i think it was technically): a 3dFX voodoo 3 (the higher end model i think it was). before that it was all software rendering and blocky. then playing the likes of motorhead, quake 2 and freespace with silky smooth 3D...wow. sometime i would start quake 2 in software mode then switch it over to use the GPU. the 3Dfx logo would appear when switching (kinda like a console boot screen) then BOOM....SMOOOOOTH!!!

getting a top of the line stupid PC. now unless you are really really really into your PC gaming i only recommend you do it once. but just once do get a stupid PC...stupendously powerful. makes a mockery of anything you can throw at it. and get the nice additions: good monitor, nice keyboard, great mouse and so on. treat yourself. at the time, for me, it was a core 2 quad qX 6700 with 2GB of ram (or was it 4? maybe 4) and an 8800GTX. nothing really gave it any trouble until crysis and even with crysis, at 1280X1024 it still ran it pretty well. i also got quite a good monitor (at the time 1280X1024 was pretty good but the monitor also was fast and had nice image quality for the time), a great mouse (that i still use today: the legendary logitech MX518).

bullet time in max payne for the first time. it was long in development. was hyped to hell. bullet time looked really cool. turns out it also was really cool. then the matrix mod for max payne. fun times :).

walking into unatco headquarters in deus ex. i dont know why but it put a big supid smile on my face. deus ex is my fav game of all time but first impressions are not great. i thought i bought a bit of a dud (in my defence it came in a shiny box). i was sneaking along in the hallway to the entrance to unatco thinking this was just level 2 in a FPS and there would be more bleh shooting. then i saw my reticule turn green on the guy at the enterance and he said hi........teeny teenage mind blown!

ah i could go on and on.

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One of my first memory with PC gaming was when one of my closest friends who lived across the street from me let me borrow Warcraft III. Man...what a game. I was completely hooked and it is my favorite RTS game of all time. The campaign, the online play, and especially the custom games. I remember my Birthday was coming up in October so I was with my mom at Wal-Mart when I was a kid and she bought me the Warcraft Battle Chest. I remember at the time it was $39.99 and I would be on the toilet reading through hefty booklets that would come for the game and just completely engross my self with Warcraft III & The Frozen Throne. I was introduced to Dota as well and I completely lost it...lmao. I was addicted.

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World of Warcraft.

That’s about it.

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Morrowind and L2.

Actually seen a nice write up on first MMO experience on reddit recently, those of you here who mention MMOs as a huge point of hteir past would probably find something similar, I mean I found.

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early 80s I had an atari 2600 then shortly discovered the commodore 64, blown away that you could actually write your own games which I did ...loved track and field. Later on around 2000 playing quake III team arena, MAX PAYNE, then UT 2004 then half life 2... I actually built a computer specifically for doom 3 which was coming out around the same time so half life 2 blew me away and loved it but hated doom 3.....My all time favorite moments is when I tried battlefield 2 demo in 2005, instantly hooked and to this day is my favorite game and still play it in single player mode. My favorite time in gaming history would be 1997- 2007 , I still have alot of those games installed ....alot of the franchises today have been milked dry for me, burned out. My fav modern game would be skyrim, hated it at first then forced myself to keep playing it and now think it's a masterpiece ( Im not really into role playing type games).

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Oh man - too many to count. I've been on PC since it was born. I think highlights for me have included

X-Wing Star Wars + Tie Fighter


The first time I fired up AoE

The first time I fired up AoE2



Civ series

Original Colonization



Planescape Torment

And Thief. Of so much Thief.

I also remember the experience of transitioning to our first discrete graphics accelerator. What a time to be alive and gaming, to see thise kinds if changes

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  • Exploring the island of Vvardenfell for the first time in Morrowind.
  • Early LAN parties with friends
  • Playing Team Fortress Classic on dial-up
  • Playing Team Fortress Classic on DSL :)
  • My first game of Civ on the computer in Middle School
  • BF1942 and Desert Combat mod with friends
  • Setting up Unreal Tournament '99 on the computers in the High School networking lab and getting the whole class in on it - including the teacher.
  • Programming Tetris for the first time
  • Half-Life exploding my brain and showing me what a game could be.
  • Exploring the subways of FO3
  • Building my first super awesome PC in the modern age of PC building (2007) and then playing BioShock on it.
  • Playing Total Annihilation for the first time
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Gotta be CS ! Played it for yrs

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Playing FEAR Combat with only a mouse because my partest took it, I was still pwning the matches :D

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I actually loved Sims Online back in the day when I was a kid.