Video Cards Temperature

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Hi sorry for the Noob Question but here it goes!

I got a Two Asus Strix 1080 ti video Cards three months ago and a Friend of Mine told me that it was a good idea to switch the video cards between themselves every few months to share the use among them.

So I did just that but I dont understand why now the secondary Card( Used to be the primary) is still slight more warm than the primary on Idl.

Can someone Please tell me why this is happening?

I will attach a Picture too

Thanks in Advances

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@stanisc00l: They are showing 32 and 34 degrees while idle and that is not that big of a difference. Perhaps the bottom card is getting additional heat from your power supply. Also, not all cards are created equal and that may be the reason for the slight difference in temperature. Check the temperatures when they are both under maximum load. The top card should always be hotter due to heat rising and it sucking in the heat of the bottom card.