Games with attainable 4K 60FPS on GTX 1070 SLI?

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Before anyone berates me for going SLI, I was originally going to save for a single 1080ti, but by the time I could afford one, the GPU mining price cannonball was still in it's mid-air trajectory, and wouldn't go back to normal until the announcement of the RTX cards. At the window when GPU prices were normalized again, my patience has already worn thin, and if I were going to gamble at all in the used card market, $200 is all I was willing to spend.

So, with the reasoning out of the way, which current gen games scale well enough with SLI where 60FPS 4K is achievable on High settings, at the lowest. Medium may be okay depending on the game, but only if the visual trade-off isn't too great.

So far I have verified that Far Cry 5, Forza Horizon 4, and Batman Arkham Knight all run ideally for my tastes. Does anyone know which other games are good SLI performers?

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You're probably not going to find too many people running SLI build anymore. There are a handful of reason to it:

  1. SLI was abandoned on the mid and lower end cards on the 10xx series
  2. SLI was then again abandoned on everything except the two top end cards on the 20xx series
  3. DX12, at the code level, requires developers to code their game to utilize multi-GPUs. DX12 only games are still far and few between. Most of them aren't coded for multi-GPU.
  4. DX11 and down is still handled by the video driver, but seeing as support (see #s 1 and 2 above) is becoming less and less, the idea of games holding true to getting good performance gains from SLI will be on a constant downward slide.

I'd honestly say that the 9xx series was the last good series to support proper SLI builds. What you can probably assume that any game released before 2016 should support SLI fairly well. Then again, older games should run just fine on a higher end hardware and work great on a single card, so having two in SLI is kind of pointless.

Sure, you'll still find newer, AAA games that'll get good SLI support. But with the points above, I can't see it lasting much longer as time moves on.

You'll just need to do trial and error on your own to see how well things fair for your SLI build.

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@Zuon: Tomb Raider has SLI support and looks freakin' amazing. Great game too. Metro series also supports it and runs great. Here's a bunch of other great games...

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but again barely anyone uses it anymore for gaming.