Doom -how to check date history of checkpoints or levels. Is this possible?

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Hi. I have an question about Doom through steam platform . Is this possible to check history of checkpoints or levels in Doom somewhere?

My last Doom play session was 24.09 september. But i want check date or hours of checkpoints levels just before playing session 24.09. Is this possible?

I want to know. What day that was,just last date of gameplay before 24.09 . It can be checkpoint or something,some clue maybe?

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The save game data for DOOM is saved (by default) here: C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base\savegame\

You could look there to see how many save files it contains, maybe you can find an answer you're looking for there. If the game itself doesn't disclose any information on date/time in the save file screen, then you're only hope is to check the save file location, though you may not find an answer that you're looking for there.