Disneyland Adventures -1st impressions-

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So i live in los angeles about 40min away from disneyland. I got a lot of memories.

So i got the game. It's pretty awesome. its like going to a real disneyland.

graphics- im playing at 4k60. doesn't seem to be an option to go past 60fps. no vsync option. no AA option. No settings at all mostly. all you got is resolution option and graphics (low/med/high) I of course put it on high.
I got into the game and the trees look very fake. But everything else looks pretty good. the people's faces look very um "scary" and creepy. overall aside from the tress it looks nice.

character- you can choose ethnicity,faces,hair, clothes. but imo i wasnt really happy with anything i choose. in the end i came up with something somewhat passable. but charcater creation could be much better.

gameplay- i like how you can jump in this game. i mean you cant jump "on" anything or "over" anything. but the jumping animation is hilarious. like a little kid super duper happy and stuff.
basically you just explore around the park and get pictures and autographs of your favourite disney people. you can also hug them or high 5 them and stuff. also there are rides. some are just basic like the merry go round and the dumbo ride. its just you on the ride going in a circle. it would have been nice to be able to use the mouse to look around while youre on the ride. would have been epic. but its still cool. Then there are other rides. these rides actually require you to use some skill to complete. you basically collect money in the game not sure what its for yet.

pros- i like the graphics and ambience of the game. it feels like disneyland. all the characters and voice actors sound believable. i didnt run into much glitches at all. runs nice. after being in disneyland like 8 times in my life i can see the park is the same in the game as real life. they tried to recreate it to real life authenticity and i like that.

cons- when i got to the matterhorn i thought i would be able to experience the ride. however instead its different type of race where you throw snow balls at the yeti and ride a bobsled. after riding the dumbo and merry go round it thought you would be able to ride roller coasters as well.

overall meet my expectations and then some

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@KBFloYd: Is there a VR version?

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@KBFloYd: Dude, if I lived there, I would just buy a year round pass. Disneyland is amazing. No game can capture the feeling of being there.

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Have you ever played Disneyland? I require some help regarding that from where they are getting such high-quality graphics. I wanted to know this but no one telling me completely.


recommended me to use this for my question.

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Didn't know there was a Disneyland game. Looks good, except that Disneyland is never that quiet in real life. It's great for those who never been to Disneyland, a good insight.

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I’ve got an annual pass, so no need for this. 😎

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@hajas said:

@KBFloYd: Wow! Is for PC? Steam!? My kid will love this!

yes steam