Best games for ATI Rage Mobility 128 Pro?

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Not sure if this goes in Retro gaming, but this is PC specific.

I collect Retro laptops for different periods of PC gaming. One that I own has 128mb RAM, a Pentium III at around 550mhz, and an ATI Rage Mobility 128 Pro.

If any PC gamers here were around during this era, what were your favorite games to play on hardware of this age? And at what specific game/point did you finally become convinced it was time for an upgrade?

Keep in mind, this topic is about the games, not the hardware. I'm interested to hear some nostalgic stories.

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@Zuon: at that era, Die Hard by the Sword, Battle Engine Equilla, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Red Alert 2.

Didn't own a GPU, was playing without one, Battle Engine Equilla and Die Hard were playable with aweful fps, then I decided I need to upgrade my PC.

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My favorite game of that time is Populous III The Beginning. I have no idea what GPU I played it on, but I think it was 64MB. It was on my cousin's PC, and I got my first PC in 2003. I tried to play that game some 10 years later and I just couldn't, that's how awful it looked. For those not familiar, it's a 3D RTS with planets instead of "XY" maps. I can't believe they didn't make a sequel, or a ripoff. A concept like that with TW3-esque visuals would be so cool.

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@Zuon: god of war