What are you dressing up as in Halloween?

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Okay, I went to a party on saturday and dressed up as a dragon. Today going to another party, this time as a bannana.

Got a lot of compliments for my dragon costume :) Hopefully same for tonights one as well.

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@johnmickel79 said:

n Saudi Arabia

As an Arab?

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If I were to, I would like to dress up as Annabelle from the horror movies.

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@blackballs said:
@johnmickel79 said:

n Saudi Arabia

As an Arab?

He's going as a spammer.

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I thought about going as Donald Trump, but I didn't want to get shot.

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Went as a Gandalf inspired wizard.

This should really be a picture thread.

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I went to my brothers and most but not all got dressed up on Saturday night but I was one who didn't. My brothers mate said. I cant believe you not got dressed up. I said I have got dressed up I'm the jogging bottom killer mwahahahahahaha. btw they where my normal cloths lol. He spent quite abit on dressing up though and looked quite good. Next year I might go as a red shirt trekkie.

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I was The Riddler.

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A fat bum.

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Hawhawhawhaw I am already dressed up as a ghostie wostie!

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A few days ago, I was handing out candy dressed as Kelly Medd from Night Trap. Here's Kelly in the middle in the screenshot from the game.