Not my month this month.

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From my last topic about upstairs neighbour making load a noise to having a rowing match with a supermarket today. Its only a medium sized super market with every day items. Ive been going there for 5 years now but today I went in and straight back out as I didn't find anything I wanted as I go in to look and if I find something nice I will pick it up there and then. Today I walked round looking but went out after 5 minutes but in corridor where every one was stood a person came up to me and said. Unzip your coat. I was like who are you?. He said. SECURITY UN ZIP YOUR COAT NOW. I said no but then manager came over and he said he not unzipping his coat. I pointed my finger in his face and said. Theres no need to say it like Fing that. Then manager apologised and said go. But the way he said it in first place wound me up. I went back there with my dad and asked to speak to manager and he came out but the other person didn't. Any way at this point I was fuming and he was apologising for his attitude but I wanted to here it from him but never came out. 20 mins later I went back with my dad for some milk as remembered after that I needed some milk. Any way I saw the person in corridor and he apologised and I just said to him that if you just have asked me to come to side and said who you where instead of been in my face I wouldn't have mind as much but your attitude was so bad. Then I shuck hands with him and said thanks for apologising.

Just not my month this last 4 weeks greee. Calmed down now though but earlier I could feel my blood pressure popping.

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Wow, you've been having a go at it. That stated, I'd say your due to have some better days ahead of you.

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@shellcase86 said:

Wow, you've been having a go at it. That stated, I'd say your due to have some better days ahead of you.

I hope. All I ask for in life is to be able to go to bed when I want and get up when I want with out noise. Is that too much to ask?. 99% time I keep my self to my self locked up playing on computer. Still not calmed down but better. Ive had a kidney transplant 11 years ago in February so dont need all this on top. Going to coast on Tuesday for a couple of days taking £200 what I saved up again and going on over 18 amusements. Cant wait. As said all I wanted was him to apologise for his attitude to wards it which he has. Think these store people if dealing with costumers need better training. I was going to complain but left it as he did apologise and with a hand shake so will leave it now. Still fuming though how he just approached me as I thought it was just a random person been funny and with how people are these days I nearly legged it there and then. lol.

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Use paragraphs.

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Every once in a while I'll hear my neighbors complaining about noise. I worry sometimes if they're talking about me - I do stay up late often. But I always try to be considerate and keep as quiet as possible at night, and will go so far as not to flush the toilet or let the microwave beep, and I never watch television or anything in my apartment - I use headphones for everything, no speakers. But occasionally there have been people who do weird things here, so I tend to think there's no reason they would be complaining about me.

As for the supermarket... Well, having recently decided to leave the customer service industry, I'd say it can become really rough to deal with customers. It's good that your guy apologized and kept his cool. You deal with so much crap doing customer service, and you can go from bright and cheery to grumpy and f-the-world with one wrong encounter. I know I have trouble letting things go, and nearly every customer I've had some embarrassing situation with still haunts me to this day. People can be rude, and I realize that not everybody means to be, but a few weeks back I listened to this one customer talk down to my co-worker because he thought nobody else was around and he could do that without being called out on it. I went off on the guy and was rude af. I don't feel bad about it, but I'm still haunted by it.

Anyway, I think more and more we're getting away from what a shopping center used to be. I know the next step Walmart is taking is giving all of their stores special scanners so they can ring up a customer's items and check them out from the device. They will probably cut most of their cashier positions and expect stockers to do it, but still, they are taking steps towards doing away with the cash register. Amazon, I think, has the right idea with their Amazon Go stores. They want to have, I think it was 3000 of those stores operational by 2020. That's impressive, if they can do that. Their stores have no cash registers, and instead everything you place in your cart is picked up by sensors and deducted from your online account the moment you leave the store. Interestingly enough, Amazon claims they can have as many workers as you would a regular store of equal size, since you still need people for machine maintenance, customer service, stocking, and to ID customers for purchases such as alcohol or tobacco. Anyway, I think they are definitely on the right track. Walmart will probably have a major competitor in Amazon/Whole Foods in the coming years.

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@skipper847: All I ask for in life is to be able to go to bed when I want and get up when I want

I envy you that. When i go to bed at night most times i pray i don't wake up in the morning as i'm in too much pain. Nobody knows where it's coming from but the symtoms are mutating. My head feels like it weighs as much as my body. I feel like im wearing a metal scull cap on my scalp really tightly. My skin is so tight it feels like its going to split. My eyelids are so sunken they are squashing my eyeballs. My head is hammering with non stp pain all day.

This is not a joke. I think im going to go mad soon.

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At least steam been nice bought 2 games and let me refund both. Going to get monster hunter world when refunded and play that all weekend and get some snacks in and lock my door turn phone off and play that to death.