How often do you play video games? What other pass times do you undertake?

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Let me see I don’t play video games every second of the day. But mostly I would not play for the entire half the day and I would play again the rest of the half of the day all night long because I enjoy game playing.

Other then games I enjoy spending time with my family and loved ones.

I go out and do different things.

When I come home I sit outside and drink beer and etc.

So what is your daily addiction level to games? And what are your other daily activities you do? Or are you a full on gamer who plays all day every day?

Unless you like to go out and be in a pub or cafe and eat your to your heart content.

Anyways ,I thought this would be a good topic to discuss.

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I don't play nearly as much as I used to. Largely because I don't really have anyone to play with anymore. I guess maybe 3 to 4 hours a week unless I have something new to sink my teeth in to.

Rest of the time it's either work and spending time with friends or family.

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@vagrantsnow: that’s awesome!

Yeah friends and family is always best way to spend your day.

Playing video games is also fun.

Anything other then that it’s work and having a career.

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Gaming is kind of a secondary hobby for me, but I enjoy it very much! Music and playing guitar is my main interest.

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I'm currently in a phase of having to look for a job so I've got tons of free time. Usually I play video games every day either 1-2 hours if I'm playing on my own or 3-5 hours if I'm playing with my friends. Other than gaming, I keep myself busy with anime, tv shows, movies, music, books and going out with my friends. Or I just browse the internet and generally mess around for hours.

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Music and swimming.

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Music and swimming

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I actually don't really play many video games these days. Except when I happen to buy one that I like a lot, and then I play the hell out of it. Like, I spent a LOT of time on Doom. And right now I'm playing Dragon Quest 11, which has sucked up a LOT of my time. I'm almost done with that, though. I was planning on getting Red Dead Redemption 2, but I expect that that game would just suck up a lot of my time as well. So I'll probably put that on hold and call it quits on games for a while as soon as I finish Dragon Quest 11.

Aside from that, I sometimes do photography and a little bit of drawing. And then a lot of the rest of my free time is just me taking care of my turtles and snakes. I really feel like I should be reading a LOT more, though. I mean, these days I hardly read anything aside from random articles online.

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After work I usually get an hour or 2 of gaming before the wife gets home and we have dinner and watch some shows before bed.

Saturday mornings I like to spend in my comic book room catching up on my unread comics till the wife wakes up. Then we'll usually go out for beers and food and maybe trip around downtown and do a little shopping. We'll hit book stores, comic shops, antique stores, record stores and candy shops. Farmers markets are good too. Then I'll game all night while she sleeps.

Sundays we get the house back in shape and loaf for the day or go to our local BBQ place for football and beers. Then I'll usually game for the last half of Sunday while she relaxes and naps.

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I'm a nihilist I don't do much.

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Aside from gaming I do strongman training and I read a lot.

My first love though is music, I have a Pioneer controller I use for home dj'ing and driving my wife crazy.

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@johnd13: I spend time on the internet and playing video games. Go out shopping with my girl. And reading books and studying . I work in my job long hours a couple of days per week. And after that I just chill out.

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It depends. I can go for several days without playing video games sometimes, but then I'll have a stretch where I feel like I need to play every day for like three days straight. I actually have so many hobbies that if they somehow devised a way for me to go without food or sleep I still wouldn't have enough time in the day to properly practice them all. That makes me kind of even wish I could just go cold turkey on video games, but they're still a great release when I'm overstressed.

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I usually play once a day for a couple hours. It helps me decompress. If I'm not too burnt out after work, my son and I play something. Kirby Star Allies and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy are two we like to play.

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If I'm honest...I only get around to playing & completing maybe 2 games a year. (3 at max.) Just because there's not a whole lot I'm interested in at the moment. Plus, I'm more into watching movies/tv shows these days. I like to take my time playing through games with friends too.

Other than that, I enjoy producing music, exercising, eating well...and, sleeping well. lol

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I've been in to games a lot more lately. I do the usual 9-5 grind, then often play at least an hour or two in the evening unless we have plans with friends. My girlfriend is always happy to mooching on her phone, plus she's 39 weeks pregnant so making the most of the gaming before it inevitably ceases (or drastically slows down) in the next week or two!

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Let's see. My other main hobby other than gaming is making music. My genre is House, Electronic Dance Music and Dancehall. I would share but I'm afraid someone would steal my precious melodies. This year I played a lot of Bloodborne. Which is a videogame on PlayStation 4. Then I only played once a week because my brother works a lot and I only go online when he's online. We would play black ops 3, and Destiny 2. We were waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 to come out and since it came out, I've been playing that all day, everyday. When I beat it a week later I started a new play through. I played a couple hours a day so far. I'm patiently waiting for Battlefield V and Red Dead Online. That's going to take up most of my time.