For those that have stopped trick or treating, what do miss most about it?

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For me, it would be walking through the neighborhood and admiring all the decorations and costumes

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Been many many years, but nothing really. Now we throw Halloween parties with costumes, games, food, music, and alcohol.

In fact this was the first year where my wife and I sat outside in costume (this was yesterday as it's raining today) handing out candy to the kiddies.

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The caaannnnndyyy!

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Nothing I don't like it and didn't like it as a kid, even then I felt like it was just begging.

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I miss being a kid as others said the only thing I hated about being a kid was school. I miss the feeling of not knowing anything about politics or even caring. I miss that feeling of the excitement of Halloween going door to door when my family was healthy and was close those days are long and dead everything now is just dark and horrible.

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