Are animals built/created to never be satisfied, including humans?

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No matter what, we all will have to drink, eat and have sex for rest of eternity. Yet no matter how much we eat, we'll always get more hungry. No matter how many seeds we sow, no matter how amazing each experience is, we'll always become horny again. In fact the better it gets, the more we want it.

Its like nothing is meant to last. It almost feels like we hunger for pleasure, yet all pleasure in too much quantity is bad for you. Seems like people go mad trying to quench a never ending thirst, like just talking regular day stuff its a struggle, but we've seen same effects on next level with addicting substances.

I think its why we love the vampire condition so much cause we truly know what its like to be a slave to our hungers. Seems the only salvation is moderation, even then, no animal on this planet can be cured, even the most highly evolved of them still have needs, its robot bodies or bust, even then, we're just swapping needs to lube, oil or whatever the power source is. Please don't get hung up on our creation, but just an analysis of human condition as we know it.

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It's not philosophical, its chemical. Living bodies are quite inefficient, but even if they weren't no source of catalyzing fuel lasts forever.

Until we beat physics into submission, every movement, every thought and every intra- and extra-cellular reaction will result in a loss of chemical energy which must be replenished.

That's the long and short of it.

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Humans are part of Nature. Humans & Animals hunt to survive, nothing personal, it's just Nature running it's course.

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@saltslasher: the human body is amongst the most efficient in the animal kingdom.

I take it easy. Sex is never all it’s cracked up to be and my experiences vary wildly from god awful to quite nice. Compatibility is all important here.

Pleasure is fine but disappears as soon as you try to touch or define it, especially synthesise it ie drugs.

To be happy I need security and opportunity. That’s it. I don’t have grand ambitions because that is an indefined objective and therefore unattainable.

Most pleasure seekers or nihilists and hedonists are people who are sick because they think doing something repeatedly will garner the same results consistently when life is not that simple.

Overcoming obstacles is the key to happiness as nothing good comes easily and if it does, reaps less reward if you didn’t earn it or understand how you really got it and learn from the experience hence growing as a person.

Humans cannot stay in the child stage of see, want, take into adulthood or they will quickly find themselves lost, scared and confused, let alone capable of looking after themselves or rearing a family (properly, not like my car crash of a family where you were simply fed, clothed and bought stuff sometimes - they really weren’t into it).

I think I need a therapist...