Why does Nintendo Minecraft BEDROCK edition does not support LOCAL multiplayer 4 player Splitscreen???

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This Minecraft edition is the most frustrating MC version I encountered. So much potential but everything that you expect that should be EASILY be here is not. Why??? First Tutorial mode world is gone.... Okay fine, no biggie. Now 4 player split screen too will give you trouble....

So today, I invited 3 or my buddies to my place to play some local MC edition( and really excited about it. I even bought couple of worlds on the store front that I am planning to explore with them via split screen. This is possible, because after all, before buying this game I researched that 4 player split screen is possible in switch:

Official Minecraft Wiki

Splitscreen is a console-exclusive feature that allows up to four players to play on one screen at the same time. It is supported on the Legacy ConsoleEdition and console versions of the Bedrock Edition. Mini Games, Realms, and peer-to-peer online multiplayer have support for splitscreen.

Cool! We all sat down, pizza delivered, and start the game. I then signed in to my Microsoft Account and tested out our controllers that all controllers can move selection on the title screen. We create new world and waited for the world generation. Finally, alas, we get to play survival with my buddies next to me. While in game now, second player controller press start, picked one of the existing account. Then a pop up came up:

You are not connected to Nintendo Switch Online service. You will need a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online Service to play multiplayer. This can be purchased from the Nintendo eshop. Multiplayer can be disabled on this world in Game Settings.

So we're like oh okay, the first player, me, is the only one with subscribe Nintendo account. The rest of pre-made local accounts doesn't... so maybe he should not choose one of the pre-made NonNintendo Subscribe account, instead just choose skip.... Nope, same message came up. All controllers tried it with the same message. So we're like hmm... I remember playing split screen yesterday with another friend, that is when I was NOT signed up to Microsoft account yet. SO maybe we should not connect online, cause the game still thinks that we are online. As long as I am signed in to my Microsoft account, it will require all accounts to be in Nintendo Online bulls**.

I went to title screen and saw Press Y to connect Locally. I pressed Y and it signed me out to my Microsoft linked account and a NEW pop up came up:

LOCAL Network mode supports a maximum of 2 wireless connected controllers. (2 Joy-Con controllers or 2 Pro Controllers) Any controllers exceeding this limit have been FUc**kn disconnected

WTF??? So you are telling me if I want to PLAY LOCALLY 4 player split screen, which does work BTW, will only work if I have to pay for Online for FOUR MODA frackin times for four accounts!!!! Yeah, I am frustrated right now. The purpose of SPLIT SCREEN IS SO THAT I DO NOT NEED TO USE ONLINE..... EUREKA! Now, if I have to disconnect, it will automatically limits it to two player split screen? I don't know what the heck is going on with this version, but if we are going to play online I might as just bought the PC version.

IS ANYONE AS OF NOW, with the latest Minecraft Version for switch(Nintendo Minecraft Bedrock Edition) is able to do 3-4 Player Split screen. Can anyone test this version? I maybe just ranting about something that is actually able to do what I want.

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!! SOLUTION FOR THIS BUG!! as of now...

Nintendo Switch Minecraft Bedrock Edition

So if you are having the same issue for your Nintendo switch and googling for answers for hours now, then you are lucky. YOU FOUND THE ANSWER RIGHT HERE. While you are connected ONLINE - meaning, your Microsoft account is still signed in, go to the world you want to load. EDIT it, then under the Multiplayer on edit settings, unchecked/unscroll the Multiplayer Game selection. Now when you load that world again, you should now be able to load any local accounts or press skip to play as guest without problems. Here is a video how to do it if you are visual guy:


This is definitely a bug as there is no way it is hidden like this. First of all, even if the multiplayer setting is clicked, you should be able to pick SKIP in the account selection to play as GUEST like any other switch games. Rocket League has the same bug that is been fixed. Second, it is very counter intuitive in that when you go to the title screen to disconnect the online multiplayer feature(by Pressing Y to play locally)you will be limited to 2 player split screen. BUT when you go to the individual worlds - edit it individually and disconnect the multiplayer from there, all of the sudden you can by pass the 2 player split screen limitation.

Hopefully they fix this, as it would be cool to bring your switch in parties, have four player split screen compose of Main account and 3 guess account using Gamecube controllers. Then other mobile Android phones bedrock edition can also jump in the game since the world has multiplayer checked in settings.

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yea sucks you went through so much trouble instead of just enjoying the game. good thing you found a way to make it work though.