Super Mario Sunshine is a Broken Game

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I have decided to play Super Mario Sunshine after skipping it when it was originally released. For the record I have 100%'d Super Mario 64, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, and Super Mario 3D World.

Mario Sunshine is absolutely frustrating and not enjoyable in the least. Here are some of the things that have driven me to insanity:

1. The worst, WORST camera. One of the worst camera's of any video game I have ever played.

2. Inverted controls for aiming and adjusting the camera, which there is no option to change.

3. If you die, unless you're in a special stage (those classic platforming stages) you get tossed out of the level and have to go back in... which is a waste of time.

4. Controls are horrendous. They're smoother than Mario 64, sure, but it's overly sensitive. Running along narrow paths etc., can be far more difficult than they need to be. Any small twitch will put Mario somewhere he doesn't need to be.

5. Learning curve is painfully high. You essentially have to master the backflip by the time you're in the second level... Ricco Harbor pretty much demands that you master this skill.

6. The levels have been uninspired, and uninteresting to explore. The constant water theme is a drag.

7. The simple fact that you cannot keep your new attachments. Why in a level where it's mandatory to use the rocket, do I have to find it in a level to use it? Seems ridiculous to me.

8. Mario's skillset: no crouch backflip + no long jump = a pain in the ass.


I am forcing myself, against my better judgment, to complete this game 100%.

I know some of you loved this game, and honestly, I cannot see how.

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??? Is this thread really necessary?

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@sonic_spark: What did you like about the game?

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Out of the mainstream Mario, AAA games from Mario 64 to now, Sunshine is the worst.

However, I wouldn't call it broken or maybe I ddn't notice the problems you stated 13/14 years ago.

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Alright, I guess.

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@iandizion713: A sense of accomplishment, lol. I think there's creativity in the mechanics, but the camera problems make it hard to really enjoy them.

@shrek Yes. :)

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@sonic_spark: What about the world? Enemies? Bosses?

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@sonic_spark said:

I am forcing myself, against my better judgment, to complete this game 100%.


The blue coins aren't worth it. They're a pain to find, even with a guide, and there's just no fun involved in the process, especially near the end with only a few more to find. It's not worth it. You have better things to do with your life, trust me.

Just don't.

But you can probably have enough fun doing everything else. Just--in your own mind, in a universe you've created just for you--say that 100% is everything but the blue coins. Then tell people you 100%ed it, include it in your lists in the future, and if anyone questions about the blue coins, say "what blue coins" and start talking about how awesome Galaxy 2 is.

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Sure by today standart maybe the game isn't that good but back during the GC days, it felt like an 7 or 8 game and it was fun. Some levels were frustrating but overall a fun game.

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I did have some issues with Super Mario Sunshine, but overall I think it was a really interesting game. If you take it on its own terms, it has some pretty stellar moments. I can see how some elements would frustrate people though - for example, the lack of a long jump is really related to the existence of FLUDD. With FLUDD, you simply don't need a long jump anymore.

In some ways, Super Mario Sunshine is the hardest Mario game for me to go back to, because there are parts I really love and parts I'm not so keen on. The elements that are more platformer-related are awesome, but there are some levels that kind of have weird puzzle focuses (like the hotel level where you have to run around and find the hidden coins - I didn't find that even remotely fun).

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I've always loved Sunshine. I know I'm in a minority here, but it's my favorite 3D Mario game. This may be due to nostalgia back to the time that I first played it, but I enjoyed it the most, even above SM64. The Galaxy games are good but seem too easy in comparison.

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#3 was also in Mario 64 as well...

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It's still my favourite 3D Mario game.
I disagree with pretty much everything on your list.

The game is not broken at all, it's just old.

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@iandizion713 said:

@sonic_spark: What about the world? Enemies? Bosses?

I have unlocked just about every single level, and I have 100% completed the first few worlds less the Blue Coins, as I'm taking @JordanElek's advice. I'm not liking the overworld at all, and the levels are not memorable. To me the game has been a chore, which is so unfortunate as I LOVE 3D Mario games. Now I'm reminded why I skipped this in the first place. I don't even have issues with the water pack.

There have been no memorable bosses yet, or fights I really enjoyed. The coolest enemy thus far has been the Manta Ray shadow that splits, and even that got tedious after awhile.

What really is upsetting is that the music is meh, at best. I remember my mind being blown when I first went into Jolly Roger Bay and heard that music (and the level is awesome).

It's a shame, but I will complete it 100% less the blue coins so I can pass final judgment.

Note: On the left of the map in Noki Bay, there's those secret passages to get Blue Coins, nearly got all of them except the main central column that opens up and goes higher, I cannot for the life of me get up to where the doors are - why? - because the camera won't zoom in on Mario, and I'm basically looking at a glitched wall with a shadow moving...

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@sonic_spark: That sucks, i dont think i could continue with a game i didnt like though.

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Sunshine has the best platforming in the whole series. Everything else about it is weak compared to other entries, (some boring side missions, pointless cutscenes, uninteresting theme to most of the levels) but the platforming is the most challenging and satisfying it has ever been.

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It's interesting that you weren't a fan of the bosses - I loved Petie Piranha (I hope I've got his name right); the whole mechanic of shooting water into his mouth to fill up his belly so that you can jump on him is awesome and really inventive. It's moments like that which, for me, kind of made up for the more lackluster sections.

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I enjoyed it had a great time. Sure some levels are a frustrating but games tend to have parts or sections that are frustrating.

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I just game back to super mario sunshine after 9 years enjoyed it more than I enjoyed sex and then I came into the Pianta Village stage 5 "Secret village underside" died 3 times before fucking getting into the fucking pipe and then died 5 times on the secret smashed my controller onto the gamecube aka "Onlyshit games+Melee" and they both broke now im without my original super mario sunshine copy gamecube or the controller and I want to die. Also when I was a kiddo I never learned the fucking back flip still completed the game many times. if you didnt know you have fludd with you. Also go **** your mother for disliking the worst mario game ever released tis actually shit im just a half virgin fanboy of it. Peace, going to get some bleach now from the Walmart and having a nice ass drinking party with my 3 soyboy friends (Also I am the only one of my friend group without nintendo switch since i am a jobbles ****** who lives in his mothers guestroom I have no money and my parents couldn't care less) So bye I guess after 5 weeks of saving money I finally have money for 121 oz Bottle of nice ass bleach from walmart. peace and please dislike supoer mario 64 and keep that as my only death wish

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I think it's a pretty good game. Not my favorite Mario game but still better than the vast majority of 3D platformers on the market.

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You can fix some problems in the settings

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No way!