Super Mario Party - Initial Thoughts

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I bought and played Super Mario Party over the weekend. I thought I would share some initial thoughts:

  • The mini-games are fun and noticeably consistent in their quality
  • There are some instant classic mini-games
  • The mini-game menu allows you to practice the game without having to enter a practice mode which is convenient
  • The boards...
    • The 4 that are there are fun
    • My criticism of the boards would be:
      • no traps can be laid
      • too small
      • not enough branching or diversified paths
      • movement on the board is limited
      • only 4 boards
  • Positives about the boards
    • they are all different
    • require strategy to navigate them well
    • some good stage gimmicks on the action spaces to keep things interesting
  • Hidden blocks are a hate-it or love-it situation
  • Not too many on board items (mushrooms, pipe to star, coin stealer)
  • picking a character can matter because they each have a custom dice block in addition to the regular dice block (regular dice block goes up to 6) so a layer of strategy
  • the partner/ally system can change the game
  • coins are more scarce, but the game is adjusted for less coins overall
  • river survival is neat as it's all 4 player coop mini-games, but I found it easy thus far
  • the music/beat mini-game mode is a nice diversion, a bit gimmicky, but the motion controls work well
  • The joy-cons overall work well although the initial set up of the game is a pain because there was no prompt to turn the joycon sideways (I knew I had to but thought it would prompt first), so the initial setup is a tad frustrating

All-in-all, it's a good return to form. Without question, this game will benefit from some much needed DLC for longevity.

*I have not tried the online mode yet.

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i also bought the game. I bought it for online only. Dont have anyone to play anything with.

The only mode "mariothon" is a series of 5 minigames with up to 4 people. you also get a grade at the end on how well you did. the highest ive gotten is D+ and yet ive gotten first place more times that i got 2nd and 3rd. never got 4th. so i dont know how they calculate the grade.

there is an option to see how your friends best scores are and also the worldwide rankings. so thats cool.

the problem is there are only 11 or 12 mini games to play in online stranger mode. They really need to bring more soon.

I enjoy it if only for the online. because i do well in it. the motion controls garuntee that noobs can beat the pros. i like that. now i can finally win :P

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The online is the reason I would have bought it. But what do I do with the rest of game play with a cpu. I don't other people to play with. I wish Nintendo would consider how different each gamer is and why full online features is a good option