Megaman 11 Demo out today only on Switch

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coming to other platforms tomorrow.

try it today on switch.

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Will do. :)

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According to the people, this demo was going to be announced in the Direct as well as the new Yoshi.

It seems very good to me that there are still companies that take demos to test the game before buying it.

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Shenanigans. It doesn't have third party or so some say!

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I tried it. I'm really bad at these games.

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@princessgomez92 said:

I tried it. I'm really bad at these games.

I assume that Megaman 11 is as challenging as the previous games in the series. I never knew that some franchises that go back to the NES era can be challenging. Much as to do with the arcades in the 1980s where they are tough games so the makers can force players to spend so much quarters on them.

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I was worried it was gonna be Megaman for babies. But it's still Megaman. It kicked my ass the first couple of tries, just what I wanted it to do. I might get this one when it's out.

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Me encantó la demo del juego, tengo muchas ganas de jugarlo.