HD Remaster of Battalion Wars 1 and 2

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One of my favorite games on the Gamecube is Battalion Wars, and one of my favorite Wii games is Battalion Wars 2. Mainly because I like the concept. Commanding a small army while taking part in the action yourself. The only few games I can think of with a similar concept like that are tactical shooter games like the two SWAT games and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, however those let you command a small squad of about four men or so. I'm one of the few minority who is actually aware of them as the series itself seems to be very underrated among other Nintendo IPs that isn't Zelda or Mario. That's why what I'm looking forward to seeing is possibly an HD remaster of the first two games. Who knows? If it does get some attention, maybe it could lead to an eventual third game in the series.

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It would be cool to see, but these games did not sell well. I wouldn't get your hopes up unfortunately :(

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I would buy an HD Collection for sure. But I do think the series is dead, unfortunately.