Why Do People Say They Hate The Wii U?/Do You Hate The Wii U?

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I know, I know. Several people already asked this question. The Wii U isn't THAT good but at least it works. (I'm talking to YOU, Game and Watch.) I'm also doing this survey, as it says in the title. If you did both, thank you!



(Dear Evan Hansen :P)

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Wii U is a spectacular console with a ton of amazing games. It mostly had a marketing problem. At least some of its great games are getting a second life on Switch.

My family still plays Nintendo Land, Smash and other games on the Wii U at get togethers.

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I still have the Wii U. But I have not played it in ages. I don't hate Nintendo for it.

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I hated that Nintendo abandoned it so quickly and that it was badly marketed.

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I don’t hate my WiiU, but it was a system I’ve already packed up and it’s software was kinda ‘meh’ for my taste. I think it turned me off the Nintendo brand as I have no desire to buy a Switch anytime soon and I don’t think I’ve ever paused to think about buying a 3DS.

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I've never played the Wii U.

But from what I've heard... many people didn't understand what the Wii U was. People didn't know it was a new console. They thought it was an add-on to the original Wii.

In addition, there was a lack of games for it.

It's no one's fault but Nintendo's, that they failed to even explain what the Wii U is. And with a name like Wii U, no wonder everyone thought it was just an add-on. Wii 2 would've made a lot more sense. The controller also confused people.

The name, no explanation of what the system is, lack of games, weird controller, etc, are all part of why Wii U failed.

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Where's the poll?