Pokemon or Digimon Video Games?

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Posted by Speeny (445 posts) 8 days, 13 hours ago

Poll: Pokemon or Digimon Video Games? (14 votes)

Digmon 21%
Pokemon 79%

A new Digimon game hasn't been a thing in a while. (As for as I know at least.)

Believe it or not as much Pokemon as I played growing up I really liked the Digmon games. Especially the ones for the PS1 and Nintendo DS. The Dusk/Dawn games were fantastic on the DS from memory.

I'd even go to say I prefer them to Pokemon games.

I disliked the Pokemon Anime growing up. Was always into Digimon. Haven't invested time into the newer series though and probably won't end up doing so because we all know original Digimon is best. Lol

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Digimon World on the PS1 was a pretty great game in my personal opinion, but I didn't care for many of the other Digimon games. I did play the one that was on Vita for a little while... Cyber Sleuth, I guess it was called. It was alright, but I still don't think it was near as good as the original game.

But I still think Pokemon games are far and away much better in general.

I think the Digimon anime is far superior to the Pokemon anime. I really kind of like how each series tells a new, complete story in a different world with different ways that the whole evolution system works.

For me though, Digimon will always be best remembered for the original Tamagotchi pets and the PS1 game. The odd digital world Bandai created in the early days of Digimon feels so definitive to me as the symbol for what this universe is all about. Everything that came after really just added on top of that concept.

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Been a very long time since I heard about Digimon. The first season is perhaps Digimon's most successful show in my opinion. Then it quickly got overshadowed by Pokemon.

Pokemon is by far bigger and better franchise than Digimon.

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Digimon Story Cyber Seluth was better than any Pokemon game I've played (and played so many Pokemon games), so Digimon. But on the other hand... Digimon World Next Order was meh, a good Tamaguchi simulator but bad battle system.

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A new Digimon game hasn't been a thing in a while. (As for as I know at least.)

No the series still goes on, and sells well for Bandai Namco to develop more every now and then. I have a few of my Monster Hunter friends who adore the franchise.

Never cared for Pokémon till very recent. Previously viewed them as pretty lame and simplistic. Though have come to appreciate the competitive side of the games with the 3DS instalments, and find value in the series. This may also be because I think the added layers of Z and Megas add depth and unpredictability previous not seen in the series.

So my vote goes to Pokémon regardless.

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There is no question for me: Pokemon, no doubt. I remember myself playing Pokemon Red when I was a little kid, and spending a lot of hours in order to catch them all!