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I tried browsing GameSpot's forums last night from my home network but it says I have an IP address ban, saying there was abnormal malicious traffic from my network, I was wondering if more insite into my home network activity that has been considered malicious. I've done done updated scans of my system for malware and found nothing. Wondering if possibly I use the site too much to the point GS has flagged it by accident thinking it's involved in a DDOS attack or something.

Wanted to double check the correct contact is [email protected], and if so, will follow up in an email when I return home this evening.

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Okay, for some reason the IP ban doesn't seem to be in place anymore, was the site glitched? Did someone lift it on my home IP address because I never sent it to the email address given, and nobody responded.

Part of the reason I never sent an email to the address provided when I got the IP address ban page yesterday was I wondered if possibly the site itself was compromised and I didn't want to communicate any information to another party that might be compromising to my account or home network security. That's partly why in my original post I wanted verification about the account IPBANS before messaging them. I wanted to make sure because I've had numerous experiences of malicious scripts in the third party ad services that this site utilizes for its mobile site and I didn't want to respond to something that could have been designed as an exploit to the site's users.